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Overall of Thessalonians


The Faith of the Thessalonians

1 Your work of faith (1Thess.1:3)

2 In every place your faith—is spread abroad (1 Thess.1:8)

3 Sent Timotheus—to comfort you concerning your faith (1 Thess.3:2)

4 I sent to know your faith (1 Thess.3:5)

5 Timotheus—brought us good tidings of your faith (1 Thess.3:6)

6 We are comforted—by your faith (1 Thess.3:7)

7 We might perfect that which is lacking in your faith (1 Thess.3:10)

8 Putting on the breastplate of faith (1 Thess.5:8)

9 We—thank God that your faith growth exceedingly (2 Thess.1:3)

10 We glory—for your faith in all your persecutions and tribulations that ye endure (2 Thess.1:4)

But the Lord is Faithful (2 Thess.3:3)

── J. SN.


What Each Local Church Should Be

1 A Center of Gospel testimony (1 Thess.1:8)

2 A Nursery for spiritual babes (1 Thes..2:7~8)

3 A Target for the Devil (1 Thess.2:14~15; 3:5)

4 A Family Circle with love prevailing (1 Thess.3:12)

5 A Sphere of Divine discipline (1 Thess.4:6)

6 A School for character development and for instruction (1 Thess.4:9~13)

7 A Hospital for the spiritually weak (1 Thess.5:14)


The Lord’s Coming

The word is ‘Parousia’ which signifies presence, that is, not only motion to a place but stay in a place.


1 Connected with the Salvation of the Believer (1 Thess.1:10)

2 Connected with the Service of the Soul-winner (1 Thess.2:19)

3 Connected with the Steadfastness of the saint (1 Thess.3:13)

4 Connected with the Sorrow of the Bereaved (1 Thess.4:15~16)

5 Connected with the Sanctification of the Sons of light (1 Thess.5:23~24)


The Life of Faith

1 The Commencement of their faith—God’s servants are grateful (1 Thess.2:13)

2 The Consummation of their faith—God’s servants are hopeful (1 Thess.2:19)

3 The Confirmation of their faith—God’s servants are careful (1 Thess.3:2, 6)

4 The Concomitants of their faith—God’s servants are prayerful (1 Thess.3:10~13)


Satanic Opposition

1 By External trials, persecutions and bodily afflictions (1 Thess.2:14~15; 3:3; 2Cor.12:7)

2 By Internal temptations, subverting the faith of some (1 Thess.3:5; 2Cor.11:3)

3 By Infernal hindrances and false doctrines (1 Thess.2:18; 2 Cor.11:13~15)