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Overall of 2 Peter



I. An Inheritance for the saints, who are preserved for it (1 Pet.1.4)

II. Judgment of the angels that sinned, who are in chains (2 Pet.2.4)

III. Punishment ofr men who are ungodly (2 Pet.2.9)

IV. Conflagration for the heavens and earth (2 Pet.3.7)

V. The Blackness of darkness for Christless professors (Jude 13)

── T.B.


The Knowledge of God in 2 Peter

It is—

I. Enriching Knowledge—Grace and peace multiplied through it (1.2)

II. Energizing Knowledge—Keeping us from being idle or unfruitful (1.8)

III. Emancipating Knowledge—freeing us from the corruptions of the world (2.20)

IV. Edifying Knowledge—providing growth in grace (3.18)

── Archibald NaismithOutlines for Sermons


Diligence in 2 Peter

I. To add in our faith the various graces of Christian character (1.5)

II. To make our calling and election sure (1.10)

III. To bring to others’ remembrance things that pertain to life and godliness (1.15)

IV. To aim at being found blameless when the Lord returns (3.14)

── Archibald NaismithOutlines for Sermons


The Longsuffering of God

I. The Patience of a Longsuffering God—‘waited’ when men were interested only in their own affairs and indifferent to God (1 Pet. 3.20)

II. The Provision of a Longsuffering God—‘salvation’ (2 Pet.3.15)

III. The Purpose of a Longsuffering God—‘willing—that all should come to repentance’ (2 Pet.3.9)

── Archibald NaismithOutlines for Sermons