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Overall of Revelation


The ‘Amens’ of John’s Writings

‘Amen’! means ‘so be it’! Or ‘So it is’.

I. The Amen of Gracious Affirmation—25 times, and always double in John’s Gospel, translated ‘Verily! Verily!’ in the A.V.

II. The Amen of Grateful Adoration (Rev. 1.6~7)

III. The Amen of Glorious Annunciation (Rev. 3.14)

IV. The Amen of Glad Anticipation (Rev. 22.20)

── Archibald NaismithOutlines for Sermons


In the Spirit

Four times in Revelation John says he was ‘in the Spirit’, and each time a vision of outstanding imagery and importance was granted to him.

I. The Vision of the Glorified Christ (1.10)

II. The Vision of God on the Throne and the Lamb (4.2)

III. The Vision of Babylon the Great, the scarlet woman, and her overthrow (Apostate Christendom) (17.3)

IV. The Vision of the Glory of the true Church, the holy City, the Bride, the Lamb’s Wife (21.10)

── Archibald NaismithOutlines for Sermons


The Cross in Heaven

The title of Christ—the Lamb—used 28 times in Revelation, presents our Lord in His sacrificial aspect, and thus constitutes wherever it is used a direct reference to the Cross.

I. The Cross is our only title to Heaven and Glory (7.9~15)

II. The Cross is the Centre of Heaven’s Government (4.2; 5.6)

III. The Cross is the source of Heaven’s life (22.1)

IV. The Cross is the brilliance of Heaven’s Light (21.23)

V. The Cross is the scene of Heaven’s Worship (21.22)

VI. The Cross is the theme of Heaven’s Song (5.9)

VII. The Cross is the incentive of Heaven’s Service (22.3)

VIII. The Cross is the basis of Heaven’s Triumph (12.11)

IX. The Cross is the subject of Heaven’s Rejoicing (19.7)

X. The Cross will be the terror of Heaven’s enemies (6.12~17)

── R.J.G. Voisin


Heavenly Worshippers

In Revelation, Chapters 4 and 5, there are five companies of Worshippers—

I. The four Living Creatures worship the Eternal God (4.8)

II. The Four and twenty  Elders worship the Creator, God (4.10~11)

III. The Living Creatures and the Elders worship the Redeemer (5.8~10)

IV. The Living Creatures, Elders and Angels worship the Lamb, the Conqueror of Death (5.11~12)

V. Every Creature, in heaven, on earth and under the earth, worships the Ruler of the universe (5.13~14)

── Archibald NaismithOutlines for Sermons


The Lamb in Revelation

‘Worthy is the Lamb’

I. The Wrath of the Lamb (6.16)

II. The Blood of the Lamb (7.14)

III. The Book of life of the Lamb (13.8)

IV. The Song of the Lamb (15.3)

V. The Marriage of the Lamb (19.7)

VI. The Supper of the Lamb (19.9)

VII. The Throne of the Lamb (22.1)

── I.J.B.

The Blood of the Lamb—shed for our Redemption

The Book of life of the Lamb—kept for our Registration

The Bride of the Lamb—title of our Relationship

── Archibald NaismithOutlines for Sermons


The Lamb in the Midst of the Throne

I. Offering the Sacrifice fo sin—

   1. ‘as it had been slain’ (5.6)

   2. The Sinless Lamb (1 Pet. 1.18~19)

   3. The Sin-bearing Lamb (John 1.29)

II. Occupying the Seat of power—‘in the midst of the throne’. The Lamb will rule and He will rule as the Lamb (5.6)

III. Opening the Seals of the Book—‘hath prevailed to open the book’ (5.5; 6.1)

IV. Overcoming the Satellites of Satan—‘the Lamb shall overcome them’ (17.13~14)

── Archibald NaismithOutlines for Sermons


White Raiment

Those arrayed in white robes in Revelation—

I. The Redeemed out of great tribulation—‘washed in the blood’ (7.13~14)

II. The Remnant—undefiled—worthy to walk with Christ (3.4)

III. The Radiant—overcomers—walking in the light (3.5)

IV. The Reverent—elders—worshipping before the throne (4.4, 10)

V. The Raptured—saints who waited for the Bridegroom (19.8)

── Archibald NaismithOutlines for Sermons


‘No Mores’ in Revelation

I. No more sea (21.1)

II. No more sorrow (21.4)

III. No more crying (21.4)

IV. No more pain (21.4)

V. No more curse (22.3)

VI. No more night (22.5)

VII. No more death (21.4)

── R.G.