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The Experience of the Holy Spirit



If we are all on fire with the fervour of the Holy Spirit, we shall kindle a flame in the souls of others. It is because there is so little fervour, that there is the great lack of moving power in the world. The late William Arnot used to tell of his being at a railway station, where he grew weary of waiting for the train to move. He inquired if the trouble was the want of water. “Plenty of water” was the prompt reply, “ but it’s no bilin.’” That’s the trouble in the Church, and with the individual Christian. What we want is—

. Fervency in prayer (James 5:16).

. Enthusiasm in service (Acts 16:6).

. Boldness in testimony (Acts 4:13)

. Constrainment in work (11. Cor.5:14)

. Spending in toil (11. Cor.12:15).

. Graciousness in life (Acts 6:8, R.V.).

. Spirit-filledness in heart (Eph.5:18).

── F.E. MarshFive Hundred Bible Readings