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God’s Love


Love, Unconditional

One Sunday a little boy looked up at his dad and asked, Daddy, how does God love us? His father answered, Son, God loves us with an unconditional love.

The lad thought for a moment and then asked, Daddy, what kind of love is unconditional love? After a few minutes of silence his father answered, Do you remember the two boys who used to live next door to us and the cute little puppy they got last Christmas? Yes. Do you remember how they used to tease it, throw sticks and even rocks at it? Yes. Do you also remember how the puppy would always greet them with a wagging tail and would try to lick their faces? Yes. Well, that puppy had an unconditional love for those two boys. They certainly didnt deserve his love for them because they were mean to him. But, he loved them anyway.

The father then made his point: Gods love for us is also unconditional. Men threw rocks at his Son, Jesus, and hit him with sticks. They even killed him. But, Jesus loved them anyway. ── Michael P. GreenIllustrations for Biblical Preaching