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Waking Up


Conviction of Sin

G.F. Pentecost told of a man in great distress who came to see him at an evangelistic meeting.  He was under deep conviction and was frantic with the terror of a conscience that was continually condemning him.  He was also very angry with D.L. Moody who had preached the week before, and with Pentecost himself.  "I wish you and Moody had never come to this city!" he shouted with a terrible oath.  "Before you came, I wasn't troubled about my sins.  You talk of peace and joy, but you have turned my soul into a living hell. I can't stay away from the meetings, and to come to them only makes me worse.  You promise salvation, but all I find is torment.  I wish you would leave, then I'd get back my old peace." ── Michael P. GreenIllustrations for Biblical Preaching