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Changes in Life


Examples of Conversion

G. Campbell Morgan told about a Christian woman who was struggling with an important issue.  She was hesitant to give her life fully to Jesus.  The woman said to Morgan, "I know I will have to do all the things I most dislike, but I am determined to be a real Christian."

A year later, Morgan was visiting in her town and spoke with her again.  "Do you recall," she inquired, "what I said to you when I dedicated my life to Christ?"  He told her he did.  As she looked at him, the light of God appeared to be on her face.  She exclaimed, "But it's been so different, Dr. Morgan!  I began to follow Christ, feeling that I would have to do all the things that were contrary to my desires, but now I do what I want every day because God has made me pleased with the things that please Him!" ── Michael P. GreenIllustrations for Biblical Preaching


Conversion, Example of

Luis Palau tells of a woman in Peru whose life was radically transformed by the power of Christ. Rosario was her name. She was a terrorist, a brute of a woman who was an expert in several martial arts. In her terrorist activities she had killed twelve policemen. When Luis conducted a crusade in Lima, she learned of it and, being incensed at the message of the gospel, made her way to the stadium to kill Luis. Inside the stadium, as she contemplated how to get to him, she began to listen to the message he preached hell. She fell under conviction for her sins and embraced Christ as her Savior. Ten years later, Luis met this convert for the first time. She had by then assisted in the planting of five churches; was a vibrant, active witness and worker in the church; and had founded an orphanage that houses over one thousand children. ── Michael P. GreenIllustrations for Biblical Preaching


Conversion, Example of

The discovery of Christ and the company of Christ is the key to happiness. There was a Japanese criminal called Tockichi Ishii. He was utterly and bestially pitiless. He had brutally and callously murdered men, women, and children in his career of crime. He was captured and imprisoned. Two Canadian ladies visited the prison. He could not be induced even to speak, he only glowered at them with the face of a wild beast. When they left, they left with him a copy of the Bible in the faint hope that he might read it. He read it, and the story of the crucifixion made him a changed man. Later, when the jailer came to lead the doomed man to the scaffold, he found not the surly, hardened brute he expected, but a smiling, radiant man, for Ishii, the murderer, had been born again. The mark of his rebirth was a smiling radiance. The life that is lived in Christ cannot be lived other than in joy.— William Barclay


Conversion, Example of

Augustine was in Milan when God touched his heart and changed his life. He then left his former life of license (he even had an illegitimate son). When he returned home, his former girl friend called to him: “Augustine, Augustine, it is I.” He turned and said: “Yes, but it is not I.” ── Michael P. GreenIllustrations for Biblical Preaching


Eternal Security

It is said that D.L. Moody was once accosted on a Chicago street by a drunk who exclaimed, “Aren’t you Mr. Moody? Why, I’m one of your converts!” Said Moody in reply, “That must be true, for you surely aren’t one of the Lord’s.”

The gospel promises not only forgiveness of sins but also new life. When a person receives this new life, his or her life should begin to show some changes. ── Michael P. GreenIllustrations for Biblical Preaching


1. According to 2 Co 5:17, a great change takes place in the life of one
   who is a Christian:
   Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things
   have passed away; behold, all things have become new.
2. But what does this change mean?
   a. What position does this "new creation" hold in the eyes of God?
   b. What type of life is he or she to lead?
   c. How does this change affect his or her relationship to things
      pertaining to one's old way of life?
[In Paul's epistle to the Ephesians, we find the answers to such
questions.  Note first of all that a Christian is described as...]
      1. We were dead in sin - Ep 2:1
      2. We were quite active, walking and following after:
         a. The world
         b. Satan
         c. The flesh - cf. Ep 2:2-3
      1. Out of love, mercy and grace, we who were dead are now alive!
         - Ep 2:4-5; cf. Ro 5:6-8
      2. Now we are blessed to be:
         a. Raised with Christ - Ep 2:6a; cf. Co 2:12; 3:1
         b. Seated with Him in "heavenly places" - Ep 2:6
      3. Definition of "heavenly places"
         a. Lit., "the heavenlies", found only in Ephesians - Ep 1:3,20;
            2:6; 3:10; 6:12
         b. Various explanations often given:  the church, heaven
            proper, the spiritual realm
            1) The church is ruled out by Ep 3:10
            2) Heaven proper is ruled out by Ep 6:12
         c. Most likely refers to the "spiritual realm" as contrasted to
            the physical realm
            1) In the spiritual realm, we enjoy blessings in Christ - Ep
            2) In the spiritual realm, Christ rules at God's right hand
               - Ep 1:20
            3) In the spiritual realm, we sit with Christ - Ep 2:6
            4) In the spiritual realm, principalities and powers learn
               of God's wisdom by the church - Ep 3:10
            5) In the spiritual realm, we wrestle against spiritual
               wickedness - Ep 6:12
      4. Compare our position with Christ in the "heavenly places"
         a. Christ is seated at God's right hand - Ep 1:20
         b. We are seated together with Christ! - Ep 2:6
      5. Our position with Christ certainly warrants a proper frame of
         mind - Co 3:1-2
         a. We are to seek those things above
         b. We are to set our minds on thing above
[As "A New Creation," sitting with Christ in heavenly places ought to
affect the way we think.  But also the way we behave, for as "A New
Creation" we are to be...]
      1. To be holy and without blame - cf. Ep 1:3-4
      2. To be His beloved children through adoption - cf. Ep 1:5
      1. Is one in which we "walk in love" - Ep 5:1-2
         a. As beloved children, imitating their Father
         b. Following Christ's own example of sacrifice
      2. Is one in which we "walk as light" - Ep 5:3-14
         a. Living lives holy and without blame
         b. As light exposing the deeds of darkness by way of contrast
      3. Is one in which we "walk as wise" - Ep 5:15-17
         a. Understanding that time is short
         b. Understanding the will of the Lord
[Walking in "love", as "light", as "wise", will not be without
controversy in the midst of a dark, perverted world (cf. 2 Ti 3:12).
And so "A New Creation" is to be...]
      1. We are engaged in a spiritual warfare - Ep 6:12
         a. The battle is taking place in "heavenly places" (the
            spiritual realm)
         b. Our foe:  the very things we had previously followed - cf.
            Ep 2:2-3
      2. Thus the need to be strong - Ep 6:10
         a. To be strong in the Lord
         b. To be strong in the power of His might
      1. We are given the armor of God, which we must put on - Ep 6:11,
      2. This armor is adequate for a strong offensive battle - Ep 6:14-
         a. Waist girded with truth
         b. Breastplate of righteousness
         c. Feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace
         d. Shield of faith to quency the fiery darts of the wicked one
         e. Helmet of salvation
         f. The sword of the Spirit, the Word of God
         g. Praying always with all prayer and supplication
         -- Note the lack of protection from behind; this implies that
            we must be committed in standing firm against the enemy, and
            that to retreat insures defeat!
1. When a person becomes "A New Creation", it affects how he or she
   sits, stands, and walks...
   a. Sitting with Christ in heavenly places
   b. Walking in a manner worthy of our calling
   c. Standing firm in battle
2. Compare this to the wicked person who is not blessed by God as
   described in Psa 1:1-2...
   a. Walking in the counsel of the wicked
   b. Standing in the path of sinners
   c. Sitting in the seat of scoffers
What a remarkable contrast!  Truly "old things have passed away; behold,
all things have become new."  Has this proved true in our lives?
Give careful thought to how and where you are siting, walking, and
standing,if you desire to be "A New Creation" in Chrst!


--《Executable Outlines