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Index of Church Truth


Illustration, Quotes & Outlines

00 Church in General

01 Types & Signs of Church

02 Base & Build-Up of Church

03 Plan & Fulfill of Church

04 Ground & Conditions of Church

05 Oneness of Church

06 Relationship of Church & Kingdom

07 Importance & Function of Church

08 Vision of Church

09 Way of Church

10 What the Church Is in General

11 Church Is the Body of Christ

12 Church Is the Bride of Christ

13 Church Is the House of God

14 Church Is One New Man

15 Church Is the Golden Lamp Stand

Sermon Outlines

101 Connected to Other Christians

102 The Nature of the Lord’s Church

103 The Church and You

104 Blest Be the Tie

105 What is the Church of Christ?

106 The Problem of Religious Division

107 What Can Kill A Church?

108 The Benefits of A Small Church


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