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I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee” ( Heb.13:5).

The frequency of the promise of God’s unfailing presence is very marked in God’s Word.

. The Promiser of this promise—Jehovah (Gen.28:15).

. The ground of this promise—covenant (Deut.4:31).

. The power of this promise in conflict ( Deut.31:6).

. The suitability of this promise for special work (Deut.31:8).

. The certainty of this promise (Joshua 1:5).

. The reason of the fulfillment of this promise (1/Sam.12:22).

. The stimulus of this promise (1.Chron.28:20).

. The condition to be fulfilled to know the truth of this promise (1.Kings 6:12.13).

. The presentness, Perfectness, and perpetuity of this promise (Psalm 37:28-33).

. This promise is valid, although saints may not always realize it (Psalm 94:14).

. The class of people that appreciate this promise ( Is.41:17).

. The immutability of this promise (Heb.13:5,6).

── F.E. MarshFive Hundred Bible Readings