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Selecting Future Spouse


Romantic Love

Falling in love at first sight is rather like falling down a holesudden, intenseoften with an unsatisfactory outcome. ── Michael P. GreenIllustrations for Biblical Preaching


Romantic Love

I climbed up the door,

        And I shut the stairs.

        I said my shoes,

        And took off my prayers.

        I shut off my bed,

        And I climbed into the light,

        And all because he kissed me goodnight!Faith A. Mills



Mr. Justice McCardie of the British High Court (him self a bachelor) said, “A bachelor is a man who looks before he leaps and, having looked, he does not leap.” ── Michael P. GreenIllustrations for Biblical Preaching


PROPOSAL, marriage

During his courtship with a young woman named Julia Dent, Ulysses S. Grant once took her out for a buggy ride. Coming to a flooded creek spanned by a flimsy bridge, Grant assured Julia that it was safe to cross. "Don't be frightened," he said. "I'll look after you."

"Well," replied Julia, "I shall cling to you whatever happens." True to her word, she clung tightly to Grant's arm as they drove safely across. Grant drove on in thoughtful silence for a few minutes, then cleared his throat and said, "Julia, you said back there that you would cling to me whatever happened. Would you like to cling to me for the rest of our lives?" She would, and they were married in August 1848.

Source Unknown.



John Barrymore once played the role of a father who disapproved of the man his daughter planned to marry. In one scene, the daughter had to ask Barrymore what he thought of her fianc? who had just exited. Barrymore was supposed to answer, "I think he's a dirty dog." One night, when the bridegroom-to-be walked off stage, he accidentally tipped over a pitcher of water. Barrymore watched in fascination as a puddle formed. A moment later, his daughter asked, "What do you think of Tom, father?" "I think he's a dirty dog," Barrymore answered. Then he ad-libbed, "And what's more, he isn't even housebroken!" 

Bits & Pieces, December 13, 1990.

Statistics and Stuff

A study at a Midwestern school showed that 80% of the women who had intercourse hoped to marry their partner. Only 12% of the men had the same expectation 

Robert J. Collins in the Chicago Tribune, quoted in HIS, February, 1976.


I went over to my girlfriend's house, and found she'd already gone out with her boyfriend.