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David was three times anointed as king.

. First among his brethren in secret by Samuel, at God’s direction (1. Samuel 16:13).

. Second, David was owned as king by Judah (11. Sam.2:4).

. Third, he was anointed as king “over all Isrel” (11.San.5:3).

This threefold anointing of David as king, is typical of the threefold crowning of Christ. He is “ crowned with glory and honour,” as man now (Heb 2:9). He will reign over the house of Israel, when He is acknowledged by Israel, and sits on David’s throne (Luke 1:31-33); and He will yet be “ King of kings, and Lord of lords” (Rev.19:16). All powers are to be under His power and to submit to His sway (1. Cor.15:24-28).

── F.E. MarshFive Hundred Bible Readings